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Welcome to ShirazRanch.com

Fertile California San Joaquin Valley is world renowned for production of the finest fruit, nuts and vegetables.  Shiraz Ranch is a farming company, established in 2002, and owns and operates over 1200 acres of prime farmland in the San Joaquin Valley.

Farms under production and newly planted orchards are located within 80 miles of San Francisco and enjoy the perfect climate for producing fruit and nuts in the valley.

Newman, CA

  • Orchards in Newman (total of 535 acres) are mostly dedicated to citrus corp.  The citrus produced in this orchard have excellent taste due to microclimate specific to the area (see testimonial).
  • Producing Citrus are as follows:

    Satsuma Mandarins 185 acres
    Star Ruby Grapefruit 26 acres
    Lemon 32 acres
    Naval Orange 27 acres
    Pomelo/Oro Blanco 10 acres
  • New Planting and Land to be Planted:

    Variety of Citrus 110 acres
    Pomegranate 100 acres
Citris Varieties
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Grape Fruit
Star Ruby

Oro Blanco


Naval Oranges




Westley, CA

Total of 250 acres, all planted in Almond

60 acres Mature Almond
190 acres 2 years old Almond

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Esparto, CA

Total of 480 acres

320 acres Newly planted Almonds
160 acres Newly Planted Hi-Density Olive

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