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Don’t Want To Work In A Cubicle? 2 Jobs That Do Not Require A Boss

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If you are the type of person that does not do well with a boss hanging over your shoulder, you can do freelance work to make money. There are different types of jobs you can do, and what you choose depends on your best skills. Below are two out of the many you can choose: Meat Broker When you walk into a grocery store and purchase some meat, chances are the store purchased the meat through a meat broker.  This is the perfect job for you if you are good in sales, as you will work with food manufactures to get their meat sold in stores....

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The Four Weirdest Pizzas You Just Have To Try

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Pizza night is always one of the funnest nights of the week. But, what happens when you or your family starts getting sick of the same old pizzas, over and over again? Why, you experiment with new, weirder recipes! The following four pizzas are some of the wildest. Potato Gold Pizza If you’ve ever covered your pizza in crumbled Doritos dust, you may be interested in the Potato Gold Pizza, as served by Mr. Pizza Factory in Los Angeles. This bizarre pizza is topped with tortilla chips, bacon, and sour cream. This creates a taste not...

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